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Undergraduate Admissions/Application


Prospective students seeking application to Michigan State University should consult the MSU Office of Admissions. If you are a freshman or a sophomore, you may declare Hospitality Business as a major. The formal on-line admission process is described below. Enrollments are limited, and admission is competitive. Those seeking admission must meet the criteria below:

Completion of at least 56 credits acceptable to The School of Hospitality Business and an academic record that meets the requirements of Academic Standing of Undergraduate Students.

Complete at least 4 courses Business Core courses with a 2.50 average:

  • MTH 103 (3) or MTH requiring 15+ on MSU MTH Placement Exam
  • STT 200 (3) or STT 201 (4) or STT 315 (3)
  • CSE 101 (3)
  • EC 201 (3)
  • EC 202 (3)
  • ACC 201 (3)

Complete at least 2 courses Hospitality Core courses with a 2.75 average:

  • HB 237 (3)
  • HB 265 (3)
  • HB 267 (3)

General Admission Standards

  • MSU Cumulative GPA = 2.75
  • MSU Hospitality Core GPA = 2.75
  • MSU Business Core GPA = 2.50

Admission decisions are based primarily on the student’s cumulative university grade-point average, business core grade-point average from the completed business core courses listed above, and hospitality business grade-point average from the completed hospitality business core courses listed above. The completed application requires a statement of intent and goals, as well as documented work experience and membership and involvement in service activities where applicable.

Application deadline is as follows:

  • Spring 2018: Thursday, April 26
  • Summer 2018: Thursday, August 2

Online Undergraduate Application to The School of Hospitality Business for all of the following:

  • Current Hospitality Business sophomores reaching 56 credits at the end of the given semester, or
  • Non-Hospitality Business students with 56+ earned credits applying to change their major to Hospitality Business, or
  • Non-Hospitality-Business students with 56 + earned credits applying to add a second degree in Hospitality Business.

Students seeking admission to The School of Hospitality Business should contact The School’s undergraduate academic advising staff.

Admissions Process Details

  •  All applicants are reviewed at the END of the semester in which they apply for admission to The School.
  • The on-line Undergraduate Application to The School of Hospitality Business is required as PART of the admission review process. The Admission Review Committee will STILL review your status if you do not submit an application (upon completion of 56 credits).
  • Students will receive an email notification regarding their admissions status through the RO’s Confidential Message System.
  • Certain applicants who do not meet the minimum admission standards may be granted “Conditional Admission” to The School. That status will allow you to improve your gpa or take the required courses for admission to The School.
  • Applicants who have been denied admission can reapply the FOLLOWING semester. These students may be granted limited access to HB courses with permission from academic advisers in The School.
  • Hospitality Business students who are denied admission must change their major.  Students can use these contacts for changing your major to start get started.
  • Completion of the Level I or Level II internship is not required for admission.

Undergraduate Admit Profile

The following undergraduate admit profile represents students admitted without condition by the undergraduate admissions committee at the end of the corresponding semester.

Cumulative GPA Hospitality Core GPA Business Core GPA
SS ’17 3.40 3.48 2.99
SS ’16 3.38 3.57 2.98
SS ’15 3.35 3.62 2.96
SS ’14 3.26 3.55 2.91
SS ’13 3.23 3.58 2.91

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