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What Do I Wear?!

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression! This theme is especially important during an interview. Your grooming and dress are important aspects of putting your best foot forward. Always remember that the clothing you wear should enhance your personal style and identify you as a person the employer would want to represent his/her company or organization. Unless the employer specifically states otherwise, you should dress in corporate attire.

Suit Choices

  • Observe what management professionals wear in the field of employment you wish to enter and choose your professional dress accordingly.
  • Choose a good fabric with a tight weave that drapes well in neutral colors such as gray, tan, black, or navy. Navy blue and medium to dark gray suites are considered staples. A good business wardrobe includes several suits of varied weights and conservative colors.
  • Suits should be properly tailored and freshly dry-cleaned. Stick with a classic, conservative suit; avoid fashions that will go out of style.
  • Important notes on pant and skirt lengths: Men’s trousers should be hemmed appropriately for wear with dress shoes. Women’s skirts should be of sufficient length for modesty. If you have no skirts of appropriate length, it is preferable to wear dress slacks.


  • A white shirt or blouse is the preferred color. However, tasteful, neutral, solid colors are acceptable. A professional wardrobe includes several shirts or simple blouses in white, blue, and other neutral colors.


  • Hair should be clean and conservatively styled. Men should generally be clean-shaven.
  • Keep cologne or aftershave to a minimum because scents can be overpowering in a small interviewing room. If you use cologne or aftershave, it is best applied at least two hours prior to your interview


  • Traditional dress shoes are your best choice. Avoid trendy heels. Shoes should be freshly polished or shined.
  • Men should make sure their socks match their suits and are preferably darker than their suit color.
  • Women should consider a practical pump style shoe. Women’s hosiery choices should be neutral to their
    skin tone.


  • Jewelry should be kept to the minimum and be tasteful.
  • Women should not wear any more than one, small conservative pair of earrings.
  • Men should generally avoid earrings altogether for an interview.
  • Nose, tongue, eyebrow and other visible body piercing should be removed for an

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