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Resume Content Example

Note: Please remember there are many resume formats; the following example is just a suggestion and a
frequently used format


If both addresses are the same, use only one (centered under your name).

OBJECTIVE: Make this statement focused, interesting, and unique so that it grabs the reader’s attention. If you are seeking an internship, indicate your interest in obtaining an internship in your field. Explain that you have classroom theory and related skills that can be applied to a practical experience. NOTE: Feedback from employers varies – some prefer an objective, some do not. Keep it simple and to-the-point!

EDUCATION: List the degree you are currently pursuing first and continue in reverse chronological order. Identify the university name, city, state, title of degree, major, minor, and the expected date of graduation. Grade point may be listed if it is 3.0 or over on a 4.0 scale. Some students indicate the GPA in their majors.

EXPERIENCE: Start with your current or most recent employment and list data in reverse chronological order. Identify employer, city, state, period of employment, job title, and duties. Bullet your duties versus listing them in paragraph form. Include volunteer work and summer jobs of significant duration and importance – it all counts. Volunteer work could be listed under a separate section as well. NOTE: If you have experience that is directly related to your major, you may want to include a section called “RELATED EXPERIENCE” which would appear prior to the “EXPERIENCE” section.

ORGANIZATIONS: List the organizations and clubs that you are (or have been) a member of, whether on- or off-campus. Also include the dates of your membership. If you are an officer within the organization(s), indicate the office.

HONORS/AWARDS: Include any honors, awards, and scholarships that you have received. These may include dean’s list, honors programs, organization recognition, etc. (This section could be part of EDUCATION section as well.)

COMPUTER SKILLS: List the computer software/hardware that you know. Do not include phrases such as “familiar with” or “understanding of” as these may imply weaknesses. (These may be listed in a two column bullet format.)

COURSEWORK: This can be a separate section or part of the EDUCATION section. List the courses that you have taken that are in your major or related to your area of study. List them by course title versus course number. (These may be listed in a two column bullet format.)

PROJECTS: List projects in which you have been involved that are related to your major.

SPECIAL SKILLS/INTERESTS: Special skills, hobbies, travel, ability to speak other languages, etc. (it is helpful to list interests that demonstrate transferable skills needed for employment opportunities.)

REFERENCES: List “Available upon request” Create a separate document which lists the name, title, company name, complete address, and phone number of at least three references that can be distributed to employers when requested. It is suggested that these are professional references rather than personal references. (Always ask permission before using references’ names, etc.)

Resume example

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