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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait until my sophomore year to apply?
No. Hospitality Business freshmen are welcome to apply.

I was awarded a summer scholarship for the Study Abroad trip to China, but I had to cancel my trip. Will you transfer that award to the current semester?
No. If the specific purpose of the scholarship award is for Study Abroad, and you did not go, then you forfeit the award.

Can I have my employer fax my letter of recommendation to The School of Hospitality Business?
No. It is best to have the letter sent directly to you since it is your responsibility to gather all the required materials and turn them in by the deadline.

I have the same employer as last year. Do I need a new letter for the current academic year, or can I use the letter from last year?
You may use last year’s letter if you have the same employer.

Whom do I ask for the faculty recommendation when I have just transferred into The School?
Get to know your professors by introducing yourself. You will have five weeks from the beginning of the semester to meet the scholarship application deadline.

Can I use a faculty recommendation from last year?
No. You will need a new faculty recommendation for the current academic year, preferably from a different faculty member.

Why do I have to write a thank you letter after receiving a scholarship, and why is it necessary to have it proofed?
It is a common business courtesy to write a thank you letter to acknowledge assistance given you. Doing so builds a good rapport with business leaders and sponsors. Besides, it’s just good manners.In addition, our sponsors read your letters and often comment on them. Sending out a letter that is properly formatted and grammatically correct is a reflection of your high standards and those of The School.

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