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Recruiting Services

Thank you for your interest in recruiting students from The School of Hospitality Business. The Student and Industry Resource Center (SIRC) serves as your concierge to coordinate recruiting services for companies seeking outstanding hospitality business students. Following are steps for successfully recruiting hospitality students at MSU.

On-Campus Recruiting:

  1. Please call SIRC at 517-353-9747 to discuss any recruiting needs or a date for your visit. If you are coming to campus, we will put you on our master calendar for The School so hospitality business faculty and students will know of your visit. We will also make reservations for you to interview in the Lear Career Services Center located in the Eli Broad College of Business. The Lear Center is where all business majors interview.
  2. SIRC will also assist you in scheduling a company Open House. These information sessions are a way for you to provide detailed and valuable information about company philosophy, training programs, locations, and other pertinent information. Open Houses are usually scheduled for the evening prior to interviews and are held in the Eli Broad College of Business.
  3. After SIRC has reserved your interview date and made arrangements for your Open House and interview space, the information will be posted on our computerized scheduling system, Handshake. Students can view this information and sign up for interviews.
  4. After interview sign ups close on Handshake, all schedules that are not filled will be routed to SIRC and we will continue to assist hospitality business students to sign up for vacant interview times if they meet your requirements.
  5. Guest Speakers in Hospitality Business: There are opportunities for industry leaders to speak on various topics in hospitality business classes. If interested, let us know your expertise and we will coordinate with our professors for possible speaking engagements.
  6. When all arrangements have been made, SIRC will send you a confirmation letter regarding your interview dates, Open House arrangements, guest-speaking schedule if any, directions and parking information.
  7. When you arrive on campus, please visit SIRC first in 228 Eppley Center to receive an updated schedule, go over your Open House and interview arrangements, and meet with hospitality business students and professors. We will then direct you to your interview rooms.
  8. Following morning interviews, SIRC would like you to be our guests for lunch if your schedule permits.
  9. Remember, SIRC serves as your concierge, coordinating career services for hospitality business students. Any logistics changes, cancellations, or schedule checks should be directed to us so that you have the most up to date information.

Web Recruiting:

  1. If you would like to solicit students for internships and permanent positions, SIRC also maintains a job posting on the web called The Job Alert Bulletin (JAB).
  2. When SIRC receives your JAB notice we will review and approve it and then post your requirements on our website. Students and alumni who are interested will contact you directly. There is no charge for this service.

THANK YOU for your interest in students in The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University! If you have additional questions please contact SIRC at (517) 353-9747 or We look forward to strengthening our ties with your organization!

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