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Tips For Mentors

What do I gain from being involved as a Spartan Sponsor Mentor?

There are practical benefits, certainly. Your contact with students who have chosen to be part of the mentoring program can also be a recruiting tool. Moreover, you can help students learn more about your segment of the industry. You will meet and get to know students who will graduate and seek positions in companies like yours. But even more, you may find that what you give away in expertise, wisdom, and time is returned to you many times over in the knowledge that you have helped to direct and influence an industry leader of tomorrow.

How do I get involved?

Simply fill out the online form for alumni (click below) and SIRC will match you to your student and tell you how to get started.

What can I expect from my Spartan Sponsor Mentor student?

Questions, questions, and more questions. The goal of the program is for the students to gain knowledge about the industry and their career paths by learning from YOU!! They may ask you to help them with their resumes. They might want to know more about your own career. They might need help understanding possible career options. Or they might ask about handling specific job-related situations. They might even ask you about proper attire in interviews. You have tremendous industry experience that students can benefit from.

Read the advice we give to students about conversations they might have with you and when. This information may be useful for you to know as you and your student make contact.

Why is it so important to have an e-mail address?

Email is an efficient way to make contact at less expense than phoning. You can respond to students’ questions at your convenience from anywhere. And talk about unpredictable schedules! Students tend to keep hours that are quite difference from those with full-time careers. Because this is the case, catching a student via telephone is hit or miss at best! In addition, email can be answered after you have had an opportunity to think about the questions they contain and give thoughtful, measured responses.

What should I include in my biography (part of the Mentor application)?

Include in your biography your career path: where you started, how you moved up, and how you decided that the career you chose was right for you. Or you might give a detailed description of what your current position entails. The idea is to give the students a basic understanding of where you’ve been and what you are doing so they know what they can ask you. For instance, if you have lived in 17 states, mention it. If you are a working mother, mention it. The more you share, the better.

What if I have any other questions??

Just call the SIRC office (517) 353-9747 and we will be happy to help you!

For further information, email us.

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