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Faculty Member of the Week

Meet our Faculty Member, Dr. Elsworth

Q:  Why did you want to become a Spartan?
A: After completing my undergrad degree at Purdue I started my career at Houlihan’s where I eventually worked my way up in the organization to GM.  I later learned that the individuals that hired me were all MSU grads. Everyone who hired me, trained me, and even the GM and CEO were all Spartans. I also actively read industry-related articles that were written by Spartans. After working in several other positions in different companies, I returned to school to complete my Masters degree and Ph.D. Upon receiving my Ph.D., I had several other teaching options and was fortunately for me that there was an opening at MSU. After visiting and falling in love with The School the rest was history. It was a great fit and I was excited to be a Spartan especially since so many of them had a huge impact of my life.

Q:  Why did you decide to teach?
A:  When I started working for Damon’s I attended the manager training program at their corporate headquarters. I was then offered the opportunity to train franchise managers. While at a homecoming football game for Purdue an old professor convinced me to back to school! I decided to start working on my Ph.D. after receiving my Masters degree.

Q:  What is one fun fact about you?
A: I love going to classic rock concerts with my wife and have probably seen the band “Chicago” at least a hundred times!

Q:  What advice do you have for our students?
A:  Keep hold of a strong network and make sure you use it. Set goals and share them with others. Never stop learning!

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