The School Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff directory and biographies:

Five of The School’s faculty were identified as most productive in the first decade of the 21st Century by Way et al. in “Hospitality Author and University Productivity in the 21st  Century,” published in the Journal of Culinary Science and Technology (2012):  Dr. Schmidgall (tied for rank #8), Dr. Knutson (tied for rank #10), Dr. Beck (tied for rank #12), Dr. Cichy (tied for rank #16), and Dr. Cha (tied for rank #18).

The 11 tenure system faculty members in The School were listed as authors or co-authors on 14 Tier 1 refereed articles, 11 other refereed articles, 43 industry-engaged articles, two books, and one book chapter in 2012-2013.